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20 Egypt Egypt Advertisers Wanted !
27 South Africa South Africa
211 South Sudan South Sudan
212 Morocco Morocco
213 Algeria Algeria
216 Tunisia Tunisia
218 Libya Libya
220 Gambia Gambia
221 Senegal Senegal
222 Mauritania Mauritania
223 Mali Mali
224 Guinea Guinea
225 Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire
226 Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
227 Niger Niger
228 Togo Togo
229 Benin Benin
230 Mauritius Mauritius
231 Liberia Liberia
232 Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
233 Ghana Ghana
234 Nigeria Nigeria
235 Chad Chad
236 Central Africa Central Africa
237 Cameroon Cameroon
238 Cape Verde Cape Verde
239 Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe
240 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
241 Gabon Gabon
242 Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo
243 Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
244 Angola Angola
245 Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau
248 Seychelles Seychelles
249 Sudan Sudan
250 Rwanda Rwanda
251 Ethiopia Ethiopia
252 Somalia Somalia
252 Somaliland Somaliland
253 Djibouti Djibouti
254 Kenya Kenya
255 Tanzania Tanzania
256 Uganda Uganda
257 Burundi Burundi
258 Mozambique Mozambique
260 Zambia Zambia
261 Madagascar Madagascar
262 Réunion Réunion
263 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
264 Namibia Namibia
265 Malawi Malawi
266 Lesotho Lesotho
267 Botswana Botswana
268 Swaziland Swaziland
269 Comoros Comoros
269 Mayotte Mayotte
290 Saint Helena Saint Helena
291 Eritrea Eritrea
351 Madeira Madeira
  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
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* Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample
Country Code Country/Territory
Image 125×125 Image 125×125
Code Flag Country Name
(Company Name)
(Web Site) http://www.
(SNS) Facebook or Twitter or etc
Corporate Profile
Profile (200~300 Character)
Sponsor Contractual Coverage
Years Contract Term Advertising Expenses
Advertising Revenue
1     Yen

* Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample
Country Code Country/Territory
81 Japan Japan
(Company Name) Company
(Web Site)
Corporate Profile
Astronomy, Universe, Galaxy, Solar system, Planet, Nebula, Black Hole, ISS, Space Shuttle, etc.
are introduced with a picture.
Sponsor Contractual Coverage
Years Contract Term Advertising Expenses
Advertising Revenue
1 2013.09~2014.09 60 US $ 6,000 Yen
2 2014.09~2015.09 100 US $ 10,000 Yen
2 Years Total 160 US $ 16,000 Yen
Up Up
1 US $ ≒ 100 Yen
* Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample * Sample


The sponsor will be limited to 1 company for 1 country (region).

Global companies that are developing overseas and tourism that want to attract foreign tourists.

Manufacturing industry, Service industry, Retail business, Agriculture, Finance business, Insurance business, Real estate business, Medical treatment, Entertainer, etc.
Tourist industry (International hotel, Amusement park, Museum, Aquarium, Planetarium, Astronomical observatory, World heritage, etc)

Advertising costs can be determined freely from one dollar to an unlimited amount.
The advertisement runs for one year. The advertising cost that has been paid cannot be refunded.
All advertising costs as well as advertising revenue from our site will be listed. (Please be mindful of this.)

Please refer to the sample.

* Countries that have economic restrictions under Japanese govermnent are not able to advertise. It is unfortunate, but we appreciate your understanding.


This site discloses its number of accesses and its revenue.
Amidst there being many sites around the world that cannot be trusted, this site publicizes everything.
There are no lies, and no intentions to hide anything.
As you can see, currently, this site is not profitable at all.
The site is facing a shortage of funds to operate.
Because of the financial shortage, it is becoming difficult to execute the ideas on gaining accesses from around the world.
If the condition continues, the possibilities of this site being out of business have become high.

This site has a dream to gain access from all over the world.

This is why I thought of looking for sponsor corporations.
This is not a request for a donation.
It is an offer for an advertisement for your company to market toward 200 countries worldwide.

If the sponsor would bear the funds, I will strive to create a site that can gain access from around the world and give back to your company by allowing for a global advertisement.

Facebook (Naoki Uehara)
Connect with Naoki Uehara (Japanese)

The goal of this site is to pay taxes.
It is to pay the taxes of your local area (country) and stimulate the region.
One way to enrich your district is to acquire foreign currency.
However, it is an extremely difficult task for one individual to attract access from all over the world and to acquire foreign currency.
This site is based on an original idea that was devised to execute this.
We hope the sponsors will all understand.

This site aims to create a website that will be supported from all over the world, acquire foreign currency from around the world and aims to pay the taxes in your own country, the area that you were born and raised and to stimulate the region.

This site will not relocate from Awaji Island, Japan.
It will not move to a country or region that has lower tax rates and the site will not pay the taxes of those regions either.
We will not sell the site either.
We also will not sell the site.

“If there is a site that attracts access from all over the world and acquires foreign currency, then, the site is an asset and treasure of the region.”

Additionally, I would be happy if there were other people around the world who set up sites like myself, attract access from all over the world, acquire foreign currency, pay the taxes of one’s country or region and enrich one’s own area.

Method of Acquiring Foreign Currency
One method of acquiring foreign currency is Google AdSense.
For example, there are times that a Japanese corporate advertisement is displayed when visiting a foreign site.
This is because the access tracking function works to show an advertising that is most interesting to the visitor.

One day, I suddenly had an idea.

If for instance there is an access to this site from France, would it show a French corporate advertisement that is interesting to a French person? If the access is from Italy, then it will show an Italian corporate advertisement and an Indian corporate advertisement if the access is from India, etc… .
If one clicks on the ad for the French corporate advertisement, the profit will go from the French corporation to Google, then, from Google to the site manager.
Google will work in the middle, but it will mean that foreign currency is being acquired from the French corporation.

I believe this makes it clear that if access can be gained from all over the world, it makes it possible to acquire foreign currency from the advertisement revenue of corporations worldwide.
From the moment this was realized, the direction of this site has changed from one that attracts access from within Japan to a site that can attract access from all over the world.
Google AdSense is an effective method for an individual to acquire foreign currency.





製造業, サービス業, 小売業, 農業, 金融業, 保険業, 不動産業, 医療, 芸能人, etc
観光産業 (国際ホテル, 遊園地, 博物館, 水族館, プラネタリウム, 天文台, 世界遺産, etc)

1年間の広告です。 支払われた広告費は返金できません。
広告費と当サイトの広告収入は、すべて掲載されます。 (注意して考えてください。)


* 日本政府が経済制裁を行なっている国は広告することができません。 残念ですが、ご理解ください。






Facebook (Naoki Uehara)
Connect with Naoki Uehara (Japanese)






外貨を獲得する一つの方法が Google AdSense です。


例えば、フランスから当サイトにアクセスがあると、フランス人の興味のあるフランス企業広告が表示されているのではないだろうか?イタリアからのアクセスだとイタリア企業広告、インドからだとインド企業広告 etc ・・・。フランス企業広告がクリックされると、収入はフランス企業からグーグルへ、グーグルからサイト管理者へとなります。グーグルが間に入りますが、フランス企業からの外貨を獲得していることになります。

一個人が外貨を獲得するのに Google AdSense は有効な方法だと思います。


Advertising revenue 
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